Chamonix #foodporn social media best practice hashtags

These perfect guilty plated pleasures in the best Chamonix restaurants are sure to be “liked”!

Thanks to localization functions and hashtagging social network users can find your local #foodporn photos taken at a specific place or restaurant with ease.

Thereby helping other travellers find where your #foodie meals were immortalized.

And all you have to do is break étiquette, get your phone out and share that simple, yet potentially awkward, snap!




For some people their holiday is only as successful as the photos they share. Whether you’re part of the tribe, have a child growing into one or are a recovering insta-holic this is the blog for you.

While pulling out your phone to take a picture of your meal and sharing it online has become a trivial gesture, it hasn’t stopped Instagram from becoming the latest and greatest culinary tour guide.

“the first bite is with your eyes”

Let’s think about the sight of food. The expression “the first bite is with your eyes” has never been more true in our open source world. So how does that apply to your #foodporn?

A rotisserie-roasted chicken makes your mouth water more than a pale poached chicken breast.  A salad made with colorful leafy greens, red peppers and carrots is more attractive than a bowl of plain iceberg lettuce.  The shape and consistency of the food is something that we also see. Bite size is often more appealing (that why you eat more hors d’ oeuvres than you should at a party) and looking at inferior consistency is unacceptable (think runny scrambled eggs).  We also look at portion size and make the decision if we will be satisfied, hungry or stuffed before we even take the first bite. Along with sight, odor is another factor in determining our food choice.  Hot foods are more aromatic than cold foods because heat causes compounds in the foods to become more volatile (like a gas).  The nasal cells can detect them easily and send a message to the brain that there are warm baked chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven and these same sensations can be captured in the right photographic setting. Yes! You can smell a photo with sensory memories tied to, for example, a citric Bloody Mary.

Taste is probably the most complex of all the senses when it comes to food selection, but you could argue that the most influential is how it looks.

Take for example the “Unicorn Frappucinos”…

Released by Starbucks for a limited time were a huge success based solely around the social media marketing and impact. On the other hoof they were reportedly sickly sweet and loaded with additives. (maybe even carcinogenic)

HummusSapien has more about them here (her pic)

However, all this cynicism aside the realyit is #foodporn works on a HOMOSAPIEN and GLOBAL level so take a trip to Chamonix with me to find out where you can capture and devour it all your own.

In the blog linked below which was exclusively published to #ChamonixAllYear I go over the top #Chamonix #foodporn social media best practice hashtags and of course recommend where to find these glorious eats.


The best edible social media snacks and where you’ll find them has been published online here 

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