babymoon: the pregant honeymoon in bali

Taking time out for “pregnant you” or “as a couple” is the most important thing you can do before your baby arrives and commands every last ounce of your patience.

Before the birth of my daughter in January 2016 we settled on Bali for a budget babymoon, but not without cause for concern…

Bali is well documented for dangers in hygeine and traffic accidents; here’s the check list you need and tips to stay safe and healthy for bubs.





  1. Medical Insurance that covers pregnant women
  2. Trusted driver/taximan
  3. Book direct accommodation with breakfast included in advance
  4. Snack Bag
  5. Iron Tablets

Travel Insurance

GET A BROKER! The last thing you want to do is trawl the internet for hours on end looking for the best travel insurance for pregnant women. Although it may have led you to this handy blog, my advice is to get a broker.

You may end up paying a little extra (you will end up paying a little extra) but how much more relaxed will you feel knowing there is a profession on your side, speaking your language, in the event anything goes wrong.

A broker will find the best rate for you and your situation but keep in mind the ideal client for them is; pregnant with a single child of no complications. Traveling no later than 31 weeks gestation. 


Trusted Driver/Taximan

The roads in Bali are chaos and you DO NOT want to be on a mo-ped (scooter)

pregnant. It’s 100% not worth the risk.

Good news is I have the absolute best contact in Bali, I don’t get a commission or anything, I just 100% trust this man after spending 3 days using his services. He had brilliant advice on sights to see and was a safe and efficient driver (believe me we had some dodgy ones too).

Contact “G’day” on facebook and say that Pregnant Kirsteen and Karim recommended you. We have sent other friends his way too so he’s sure to take time for you: Gede Halus Darmawan

Book Direct Accom: Breakfast Included

Bali certainly does have a big and Airbnb Scene but you will ALWAYS get the best deal by booking direct, this may take a bit of sly google work (by searching the address provided on these third party vendor sites to see if you can’t find their personal webpage).

Another place to look is facebook!
If the accommodation provider has the savvy to be on social media you can generally trust that they are providing an honest service (otherwise you will notice quite swiftly via the comments if this is not the case).


Here are three magic spots we can personally recommend:

O.N.E. – Bali – One Natural Experience

In a peaceful elevated spot in Ulawatu, great cafes and restaurants not far from the property and there is breakfast and a bar on sight. Ulawatu is a great choice for culture and cuisine, check out the surf from here.

Anugerah Villas

Lovely locals ready to share their part of paradise in Amed (the opposite coast to Kuta). The food at the property was amazing and you could even eat for lunch and dinner in their onsite restaurant atop a tower overlooking the ocean. Amed is a great spot for diving and snorkeling, and family fun, popular with the French.

Lombok Eco Homes and Bakery

The. Best. Bakery. Every. Full faith in everything from this kitchen, slightly pricier but you need to have this level of luxury and internet speed while your partner is our surfing for hours on end. Cannot recommend enough a trip to this amazing place BUT also cannot recommend the public ferry. Don’t bother trying to save a buck on transportation, it was literally hell.

Snack Bag

It isn’t easy, and is often expensive, to find healthy wee snacks on the go in Bali. Given a second chance I would have loaded up on my favourite filling snacks from home to make sure that in the event I couldn’t mouth the menu of a certain place, I had my snacks as a reasonable meal replacement. I’m talking Cliff Bars and a giant bag of Almonds.

Iron Tablets

In short, Iron Tablets make you constipated. They also happen to be good for you. In short, the cuisine in Bali may make you…the opposite of constipated, but also happens to be delicious. Therefore, take your Iron Tablets for a bit of balance. Don’t forget a pregnancy multivit too.


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